June 19, 2024

Choosing the Best Payroll Software

Choosing the best payroll software can be very difficult, especially for small businesses. However, there are some tools that can help you out.

QuickBooks Payroll

Whether you’re looking for a payroll software solution to manage your employee benefits, or just need help keeping your business taxes in order, QuickBooks is one of the best choices out there. It offers a simple and intuitive interface, and makes it easy to pay employees.

In addition to a robust payroll processing module, the software offers an easy onboarding process and customer service. You can access support online, or by chat, at any time of day. You can also run payroll from a mobile app.

The QuickBooks Payroll module can also monitor the latest state and federal tax rates. You can also download and store W-2s electronically. This makes payroll processing faster and reduces your processing time.

You can pay your employees using a variety of methods, including direct deposit, online banking, or a prepaid debit card. You can even add additional payment methods.


Having an employee friendly payroll software system has a lot of benefits. It can save you time and money, and also make employees more productive.

Using a payroll service eliminates the need to keep up with changing payroll tax laws. It frees up time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. In addition, a centralized HR and IT system can automate many of the tedious tasks that take up valuable time.

Rippling is a cloud based payroll software solution that is built to meet the needs of small to mid size businesses. It provides full service HR and IT solutions throughout the employee lifecycle.

Rippling’s platform integrates with hundreds of third-party apps. It has a user-friendly dashboard and can be setup in as little as 90 seconds. It also has a mobile app that lets employees clock in and out of work from anywhere.


Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise, Gusto offers easy to use payroll software that can help you get your financials in order. The service also includes HR tools and employee benefits.

To start using Gusto, you can choose from three plans. The Core package is ideal for smaller firms with fewer than 10 employees. The Complete Plan offers additional automation and self-service features. The Core plan costs $39 a month.

The Core plan comes with an additional tier, which is perfect for companies that only pay independent contractors. The plan allows you to pay contractors directly through Gusto. The fee is $6 per contractor each month. This plan includes unlimited payments and 1099 form creation. However, there is a two-day delay for direct deposits.

The Complete Plan also includes PTO, hiring and onboarding tools, and time tracking. The Concierge Plan adds Certified HR Pros and an HR Resource Center.


Providing an online and mobile access to employee information, BambooHR offers a comprehensive and easy to use platform for people ops. BambooHR integrates with over 20 business systems, making it ideal for companies that want to automate their human resources processes.

BambooHR offers a free trial. You can also contact the sales team to request a price quote. They can provide a customized quote to fit your company’s needs.

BambooHR offers a cloud-based solution, meaning that you can use it on any device with an internet connection. This makes it a great option for small businesses that need to track employee time.

You can also use the software to perform performance management. You can create goals, monitor employee reviews, and assess feedback. You can also set up automated reminders for tasks.

Patriot Payroll

Designed specifically for small business owners, Patriot Payroll offers a variety of features and services. It also offers a free 30-day trial period.

With Patriot Payroll, users can run their payrolls on a schedule they’ve created. They can input their own payroll history or opt for the company’s. There are also links to remit payments, print checks, and add new employees. The company also offers an online employee portal and an employee help center.

The software’s user interface is easy to navigate and it offers a mobile-friendly interface. It can be integrated with other accounting programs such as QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Its customer service is excellent. Customers can speak to a representative by telephone, email, or chat. The company offers an online help center and webinars. It also includes a sample data file to get you started.